(42) 海外


    • 地域海外
    • 身長171cm - 180cm
    • 体型痩せ型/細身
    • 血液型AB型
    • たばこ吸わない
    • お酒たまに飲む
    • ステータス独身(未婚)
Though i never become a supermodel, i still look yummy and and posh... well thats what people tell me once i get to know them, and my friends tell me i smell like Kadupul flower. I teach english online from dusk till dawn, and sell pre-loved clothings online keeps me busy building my future. Fashion gives me energy but i never squander nor hoard. Flee markets always give me a sigh of happiness, call me cheap but for me to save up i don't really worry at all, if i am lucky i can find good as new fashionably inclined clothes that cost next to nothing, and i refreshed my closet almost every week and sell it online. I could spice up your life with some homemade meal and indoor activities as cooking is my passion. I can let you take over Netflix too or enjoy a relaxing massage. It'd be great for a man who needs to stay away from social scene. I love recharging my energy with ocean breeze and let the sun kissed my skin from time to time, music and good food and wine at the beach is almost perfect, and only your with your company can make it perfect. I can be your stylist, your chef, your stress reliever, travel buddy and a fun sugar babe all in one. And i am looking to add value to your life in a casual online arrangement, what would you like babe?
I am a fully transitioned to female. As an extraordinary woman of grace, wit and charm, breathing inside Adams body is like being thrown into a ring of fire, very suffocating, uncomfortable and unlikely, I feel terribly puzzled, so sickening that i have to experience humiliation and belittled, surmised that I'm a menace to the society even my family says I'm a jinx. Very overwhelmingly cynical when I am totally charming, witty lady with poise and savvy, a delight to be with. If only they consider putting themselves in my shoes every time they slap me with remorse. But, who am i to change what they feel towards me, if innocence is a bliss why do we seek knowledge? My life is like a glass half full, half empty but it hasn't drown me to insecurities, in fact it blessed me with strength and determination. That one day the woman they cruelly belittled will become the most admirable woman of tomorrow.